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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic SurgeonBrent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Double board certified, he received his training at Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF and UCLA...

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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


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LiveFill® is a new method of augmenting wrinkled or “deflated” areas in the face. Dr. Moelleken has innovated this technique, presented at the ASPS and ASAPS meetings, among many other national and international academic formats. Details of this procedure are in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Dr. Moelleken’s chapter on cosmetic rejuvenation of the midface and upper face (8-Volume-8 Textbook – Plastic Surgery – ed Mathes, Saunders, 2006). He has performed and presented the scientific trials on LiveFill® and has shown it to be vastly superior to fat injection in terms of viability, long-term survival, and appearance

A Need to Fill

There has been a long-standing need for filler materials in the field of cosmetic surgery. These filler materials are used to fill in spaces, for example lips, smile lines, or areas below the eyes. The most popular filler in use today is Juvederm or Restylane. These are fine hyaluronic acid fillers, just temporary in nature. Patients notice that they are happy with their faces right after injection, but the benefits fade over time as the fillers dissolve. Semi-permanent injectable fillers such as silicone, Radiesse, Radiance, Artecoll and Artefill are associated with lump formation and chronic problems, and we do not provide them in our practice. Permanent fillers such as Gortex, SAM, or lip implants tend to feel unnatural and firm. Patients who get fat injections are often disappointed by the long period of swelling followed by resorption (loss) of the graft over time.


Dr. Moelleken has developed and trademarked LiveFill®. This is a new technique that expands on decades of research in the Plastic Surgery field. It involves grafts from the patient’s own tissues that are fully alive. The material is obtained as a customized fine graft with blood vessels already in it. This differs fundamentally from fat injection, which involves sucking (aspirating) fat into a syringe, purifying (usually be centrifugation), and then injecting it through a needle. It is no surprise that this process is highly damaging to a living network of cells. With LiveFill® Dr. Moelleken fashions completely untraumatized tissue from the patient into small, delicate grafts, resembling strings of pearls, that have structural integrity and blood supply. They are different from any rendition of grafted material developed thus far. The face does not age in lines; it ages in areas. Therefore it is better to fill in complete areas rather than placing something underneath a single line. LiveFill® is placed underneath the areas that need filling such as lips, smile lines, below the eyes, and in hollow areas in the face that develop with age. LiveFill® is usually taken from an incision in the lower abdomen.

Dr. Moelleken has been developing LiveFill® for over eight years, and has become a regular part of his practice. Once LiveFill® has been placed, it again becomes an integral part of the body’s tissue and the results are permanent. When a biopsy is taken of LiveFill®, it appears to be normal tissue, with its own blood supply. This is not true of any temporary filler or fat injection. The genetic markers of LiveFill® are identical to the patient’s, since the tissue comes from the patient’s own body. There is never rejection of one’s own tissue. Rarely do minor irregularities or incomplete take of the graft can result from the LiveFill® technique, depending on the patient’s biology. If necessary, however, corrections can be made under local anesthesia. In comparison to fat injections, LiveFill® procedures’ healing time is very rapid, since no over-correction is necessary. Patients typically only require a long weekend to recover. They may begin mild exercising in two weeks and full exercise and workouts by six weeks.

Dr. Moelleken is very excited and proud to have originated this very promising procedure.

Dr. Moelleken now frequently incorporates LiveFill® while performing facelifts (including his trademarked 360 Facelift®) blepharoplasties, browlifts, or his signature superficial cheeklift operation.

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