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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic SurgeonBrent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. Double board certified, he received his training at Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF and UCLA...

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Dr. Brent Moelleken - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting Beverly Hills | Los Angeles | Santa Barbara

Facial fat grafting, also known as facial fat transfer is a procedure that involves relocating the patient’s subcutenaceous fat from one location to another to enhance the affects of aging. Over the years it is common for areas underneath the eyes, the cheeks or the chin to lose subcutanecous fat, leaving a sunken appearance. These areas may also develop lines and creases that may add years to your appearance.

During the facial fat grafting procedure, micro-droplets of fat are gently removed from a donor area and relocated to an area that you wish to have enhanced. Facial fat grafting is longer-lasting than temporary chemical fill procedures and there is no worry about reactions to foreign substances since tissues used during the procedure come from the donor.

There are disadvantages to traditional fat injection procedures, which involve sucking (aspirating) fat into a syringe, purifying, and then injecting it through a needle. It is no surprise that this process is highly damaging to a living network of cells.

Dr. Moelleken has developed and trademarked LiveFill®. This new technique expands on decades of research in the field of plastic surgery. LiveFill® uses grafts from the patient’s own tissues that are fully alive, preserving the existing live blood vessels which results in a longer-lasting more satisfactory result.

Dr. Moelleken will happy to consult with you regarding the many treatment options available to achieve the best results for your individual situation.

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